120 Pieces Toy Power Workbench, Kids Power Tool Bench Construction Set with Tools and Electric Drill, Toddlers Toy Shop Tools for Boys

June 17, 2019 - Comment

Young choice 2018 newest 120pcs classic workbenchpackage includes1*hand saw1*combination wrench1*box-end wrench1*adjustable wrench1*insulated plier1*t-type wrench1*goggle1*dust mask1*measuring tape1*transmission shaft1*putty knife1*c-type clamp1*bastard file1*nailing hammer1*tool case1*hanging storage bin1*electric drill1*stickers2*screwdriver handle2*squared and rounded accessories2*bench clamp2*tool case buckles3*drill bits3*wooden blocks4*tron nail4*tool case stands4*connecting bar5*three holes accessories8*red hook23*screws23*screw nutswarning:electric drill: do not use The drill on an object that is fixed or

Young choice 2018 newest 120pcs classic workbench
package includes
1*hand saw
1*combination wrench
1*box-end wrench
1*adjustable wrench
1*insulated plier
1*t-type wrench
1*dust mask
1*measuring tape
1*transmission shaft
1*putty knife
1*c-type clamp
1*bastard file
1*nailing hammer
1*tool case
1*hanging storage bin
1*electric drill
2*screwdriver handle
2*squared and rounded accessories
2*bench clamp
2*tool case buckles
3*drill bits
3*wooden blocks
4*tron nail
4*tool case stands
4*connecting bar
5*three holes accessories
8*red hook
23*screw nuts
electric drill: do not use The drill on an object that is fixed or immovable. Stop drilling after the screw cannot be turned anymore. Since that the material of the clutch in the Electric drill is plastic, the clutch will get damaged continuously and breaks eventually when user misuse the drill.

Product Features

  • 120 pieces toys tool set: This Young Choi’s toy tool bench contains many of accessories that everything he or she needs, such as hammer and Electric drill and so on. Designed for toddlers in order to improve their imagination and hand-eye coordination
  • Realistic tool functions: the battery-powered pretend drill and raw tool actually can rotating and offers realistic drilling noises when the button is pushes, making it become an excellent learning tool as well.It means your little one can excitedly mimic mom or dad working around the house.
  • Quality & safety: The quality of the product is always toy choi’s priority, each single piece is made out of superior quality raw materials so that it can use for years without deformation or color fading because of long term usage. Therefore, your kid can pass it to his or her siblings and it will perform as good as the new one. Moreover, we will make sure that there will be no sharp edges on every single accessory.
  • Great customer experience guarantee: with our 30 days return policy, We ensure that you are risk free
  • Portability & durability: sturdy, durable and resistant to the wear and tear of naughty little hands, tool set will withstand heavy use throughout your little adventurer childhood! It also can resistant to your kid throwing, dropping or banging them around while playing and pretending.


Anonymous says:

Great toy for 2 year old! Perfect for toddlers! It was actually smaller than I thought it would be but it didn’t matter because it is the perfect size for my two year old. It was very easy to put together and comes with A LOT of pieces, tons of different tools, nails, and screws. It came with so many pieces I had to put half a bag up full of screws, nails, and tools. It even came with protective glasses and mask. It’s all plastic so the bench isn’t super durable but if the child isn’t climbing on top of it then it…

Anonymous says:

Good quality play tools! Excellent quality toys. I chose this because it has alot of tools to play around with and enough screws to hammer down. The power drill was the star coz its battery operated so it looks more playfully realistic for my son! Hes 2.5 and hes alot taller than the tool stand. I added height so I slid the box that came with the tools to make it more leveled with my sons height . And extra space for storage underneath it .Perfect!

Anonymous says:

Very kid friendly! I love how the workbench converts into a toolbox. There are so many pieces that there isn’t enough space for them all but my kids trade off using them so it works for us. It doesn’t come with instructions, but it’s pretty self explanatory and easy to do! My kids love this workbench and get to mimic their dad working with tools!

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