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March 11, 2020 - Comment

DIMENSIONS: – 15″ Tall– 24″ Wide– 13″ Deep– 4.4 pounds KEY FEATURES: – Interior Hardboard Walls Keep Shape– Two Carrying Handles on either end of the Organizer– Dual Velcro enclosures front and back act as Lid Hinge, and closure– Collapses and store in a matter of seconds– Can be used with, or without, the lid


– 15″ Tall
– 24″ Wide
– 13″ Deep
– 4.4 pounds


– Interior Hardboard Walls Keep Shape
– Two Carrying Handles on either end of the Organizer
– Dual Velcro enclosures front and back act as Lid Hinge, and closure
– Collapses and store in a matter of seconds
– Can be used with, or without, the lid


– White
– Grey & Black Trim

Product Features

  • FLIP OPEN LID 🗄️ Dual Velcro strips on both the front and back are what keeps the lid closed, as well as function as hinges. This means you can easily remove the top and store it inside the product if you’re constantly grabbing items, or if you want to have it function as a Toy Basket for Dogs. Of course you can keep the lid on this Storage Chest to keep things out of site better than a Hanging Toy Storage solution, kids playroom furniture, or other such solutions.
  • STORE TONS OF ITEMS 🗄️ [Measures 15″ Tall x 24″ Wide x 13″ Deep] This Large Storage Box with RIGID walls is the ultimate Toy Organization and Storage Bin! It is perfect for living room storage, bedroom storage, closet storage, and can handle pretty much anything you to put in it. It makes for a great clothing storage, Blanket Storage, stuffed animal storage, Toy Boxes and Storage, and anything else you can need out of the way. Perfect living room toy storage and for baby organization.
  • CLEAN YOUR AREA QUICKLY 🗄️ This Toy Bucket and Storage Organizer allows for you to quickly clean any area. Two “H” style handles on either side, and the lightweight nature of this Collapsible Toy Box and Chest Trunk mean it’s easily moved to take to the Bedroom, Closet, or any room in the house where there is a mess that needs to be organized and stored. This Chest for Bedroom Organization can store linens, towels, or even function as a Dog Basket for Toys. The Best Toy Chests & Storage.
  • EASY COLLAPSE 🗄️ The Lid of this Toybox does remove and Store inside the main Treasure Chest Toy Box very simply. Even the smallest of hands can open, close, or remove the lid, making it great playroom storage furniture. As a Toy Trunk and stuffed animal storage basket it will come very handy if your child wants to leave the lid off to expose their treasures. As a Living Room Storage Basket you’ll appreciate that the lid stays on concealing all items better than a canvas basket or burlap basket
  • GREAT LOOKING 🗄️ Whether intended for the living room, adult bedroom, child’s playroom, or wherever in your house, the timeless look of this product will blend in well. Great Storage Chests and Trunks for Blanket Storage Living Room or other locations. This is a large toy box that can handle most anything! Espanol: Organizador de juguetes y caja de toques y baul para juguetes y cajas para guardar juguetes.


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Organization Perfect for organizing

Anonymous says:

It’s mainly a cloth type box, but it holds a lot and looks neat This is mainly a cloth type box. It’s easy to assemble. It comes folded and just has to be unfolded with the hard bottom put in place. The lid has hook and loop fasteners that close down the top in the front and back.I had one of the STERILITE 3 drawer chests that was cram-packed get turned over and it broke right when this came in. This takes up a bit less space but holds much more. I put everything that had been in that 3 drawer chest in this. Of course, it is not as well…

Anonymous says:

Good Storage Solution This storage bin would be great for someone who needs storage, but doesn’t have the money or space to commit to buying a piece of furniture to do so (such as a toy chest, a large storage bin system, a wooden chest, etc.). Because it’s collapsible, you can use it one day and take it down the next! It’s very easy to install – the skeleton-part of the system kind of pops up, then all that’s left is to insert the bottom (which slides in) and the top (which velcros on both sides).I was a…

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